Classic car paint protection.
Some rare or classic cars do not have computer cut kits available. Wrap city clear bra can create your own custom kit for you based on your paint protection needs and the budget you have to work with.

Wrap City San Diego's Clear bra paint protection. There is no limit on paint protection film. We can protect just a bumper, or the entire car depending on the protection needed for your car.

Race car paint protection.

Race cars take a beating on the track. Paint protection film can keep your track car looking like it never left the garage. Clear bra paint protection is available for any make and model.

Exotic car paint protection.

Protect your investment and enjoy driving your car without having to worry about losing the expensive paint job to every day rock chips. Computer cut kits available for most makes and models including Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maseratti, Porsche, Saleen, Aston Martin, and Lotus.

Luxury car paint protection.

Keep your daily driver looking new and avoid every day wear and tear from effecting your paint. Computer cut kits are available for any car including all Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, and Lexus models.